Diving with Great White Sharks – Neptune Islands

This is an experience like no other and easily one of the best things I have ever done! I have been lucky enough to join the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions crew on a few trips now aboard the Princess II, to the remote Neptune Islands. A hot spot for Great White Sharks! The area is home to large colonies of Australian Sea-lions and New Zealand Fur-seals, which are “damn good eatin” for a great white, hence the attraction to the area. With the possibility of diving on both the surface and 20m down on the ocean floor, I was able to experience the sharks in different moods and environments. They give off a much more peaceful vibe when viewed on the ocean floor in their comfort zone. The interactions between yourself and the sharks is truly amazing, with encounters sometimes being within a meter. This makes the expedition a gold mine for underwater photography! With calm waters and a lot of sun you are in for some amazing photography opportunities!!

Click here to visit the Brad Leue Photography Great White Shark photo gallery 


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