Dark clouds & Lightning skies | Storms of Australia

Australia is a country of extreme conditions. From the dry heat of the central deserts, to the snow filled winters of the south-east, the weather that sweeps across this continent shapes the path of its unique environment.


4 Mile Hole | Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Well, I wanted to experience the storms of Australia’s north coming into the wet season during my time in Kakadu, and yesterday I got a decent taste. I drove about 40km along a dirt road to get to the waterhole of 4 Mile Hole, the road was a bit rough but an easy drive. The waterhole was beautiful, with white-bellied sea eagles and waterbirds, lush green vegetation and open skies. I chilled out for about an hour and watched some crocodile action in the waters up ahead. Then the storms rolled in… Lightning and thunder came first, surrounding me from all angles. The thunder louder than I have ever heard. Then the rain. In a matter of seconds everything turned to chaos. I don’t usually get freaked out, but this had my heart pumping. I got a few shots then needed to get out of there. As I rushed back to the dirt road everything was flooded. The road that was dry on the way down was now engulfed in water, up to 1.5m in areas. Trees had come down blocking the road and without the awesomeness of my vehicle I would have been trapped in the peak of the storm all night. Sketchy, but as exciting as it gets! I love this country. I love my car.

4 Mile Hole - Kakadu National Park, NTThe storm brewing from the south

4 Mile Hole - Kakadu National Park, NT

Lightning and thunder from all directions

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Lightning over Seaford Beach

Seaford Beach, SA

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